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Flappy Bird Apk Download Latest Version For Android

This game is the most interesting game in your play store and not to forget, it is most popular game as well. This game turns you into a flappy game addict. You will never be done with the game. You would want to play it more and more. There is no limit and yet there is no end.Everyone is familiar with this game Flappy birds/wings, this game was launched in the year 2013 it is a mobile based application, and this game was developed by Vietnamsese artist and programmer Dong Nguyen, under the banner dot GEARS.

This game is a very easy one to play you just have to flap the wings in order to fly and avoid all the pipes that comes in between and also you need to collect 4 medals that are bronze, silver, gold and platinum. I am sure that it must be sounding very easy to play but at the same time, it is very difficult as well. At times, it can also be frustrating. Your temper may go to high level while playing this game. yes this game is that addictive.In this game the player must control the bird in order to pass it through tunnel or to fly the bird between rows of green pipes without hitting them. The game was released in the year 2013 but gained popularity in the year early 2014, this game got famous because of its difficulty level and alleged plagiarism in graphics and mechanics.


Features of Flappy Bird Apk:

Following are the features of this not-so-easy and not-so-difficult game:
  • It supports the Google play service. 
  • This game is not that difficult to understand but yes, it is quite difficult to play. 
  • It has a very amazing sound track that encourages you to play more and more. 
  • It has lovely animations without any kind of complications. 
  • I call this game as addictive because you will always wish to beat your own high score. It makes you crazy. 

Download Flappy Bird version 1.3 APK, the latest upgrade:

As you know that the game was removed from the Google play store as well from App store so the App cannot be downloaded from the play store.  The users need to worry because they don’t have Flappy birds Application or they never played, now they can play on their Smartphone’s by downloading and installation from the information given below.
The makers of the game flappy bird have upgraded the version which is available in the market now.The upgraded version of the addictive game, flappy bird have new exploision effects that will want you to play more and more. This version do not create any hindrance with add popping out in between your game. You can also challenge your friends with this new upgraded version through the google play service. A new game play has been developed for all the flappy bird addicts through this version. The latest upgrade supports the android version 2.2.
                                            Download: Flappy Bird Apk